Msc and Bsc topics

Possible thesis topics

I am offering topics for thesis such that inverse problems, image reconstruction, optimization methods and Bayesian inversion related to applications in bio/medical imaging. There is also the possibility to have a joint project with the Medical university center Eppendorf (UKE).
Current open Msc topics are:

  • Numerical simulation with improved magnetization models for magnetic particle imaging
  • Muliti-bang regularization for electral impedance tomography
  • Nonlinear parameter identification for magnetic particle imaging
  • Improved approximation and compression for magnetic particle imaging, joint cooperation with Prof. Knopp at the UKE.
  • Beyond MKB: Improved 4D Cone Beam CT reconstruction, joint supervision with Dr. Wernker at the UKe
  • Developement for regularization methods for multi-spectral magnetic particle imaging, joint supervision with Dr. Möddel and Prof. Knopp at the UKE.
  • Phase retrievel: Determining the convolution kernel in 3D microscopy
Possible Bachelor topics are formulated after discussion with the candidate. Examples are
  • Minimerung von Tikhonovfunktionalen mittels ADMM-Verfahren
  • Vergleich von Randbedingungen für Entfaltung von Bildern