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Upcoming conferences

I will give a talkt at the International Workshop on Magentic Particle Imaging in New York in March 2019 and at the SIAM conference on Computational Science and Engineering in Spokane in February 2019.

Upcoming conferences

I will give a talk at the EUCO in Trier in September 2018.

Research group

Welcome to Christiane Schmidt in our research group. She starts on 1st December her PhD project.

SIAM Imaging 2018

Our mini-symposium "Mathematical and Computational Aspects in Magnetic Particle Imaging" is accepted for the SIAM Imaging.

New paper

Our paper "Improved image reconstruction in magnetic particle imaging using structural a priori information" is accepted by IJMPI.

New position

I have accepted a new position at the University of Hamburg. Start is on 1st of March 2017.

AIP 2017

Our mini-symposium "Mathematical Imaging with Magnetic Nanoparticles" is accepted for the AIP 2017

New preprint

Our paper "Edge preserving and noise reducing reconstruction for magnetic particle imaging" is accepted by IEEE TMI

International Workshop

Mathematical Methods and Emerging Modalities
Within our MPI network I organise together with A. Weinmann, W. Erb and S. Kunis a workshop in Osnabrück in the last week in June 2016.

Invited Talk

Image reconstruction for 4D Magnetic Particle Imaging
at the University Helsinki June 2016, Helsinki, Finland

Invited talk

Sparse image reconstruction for magnetic particle imaging
in the minisymposium "Mathematical Methods for MPI" at the DMV 2015

Next workshop for MPI

Curently, I organizte together with Dr. A. Weinmann and Dr. J. Frikel the next workshop on magnetic particle imaging. It will take place in München.

MPI homepage

Invited talk

Photoacoustic Tomography: Sparse Image Reconstruction Using Shearlets
Seminar AG Imaging, University Münster,

New project

Mathematical Methods in Magnetic Particle Imaging
Our scientific network on magnetic particle imaging has been approved by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

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